KigoSoft Launches All-In-One Video Downloader—Kigo Movie One

[January 17, 2024] - KigoSoft, a software development company with decades of experience in streaming service solutions, announces the official release of an innovation—Kigo Movie One, on Jan. 10, 2024. This one-stop video downloader is designed to cater to the continuously growing demand for an efficient and powerful solution to video download. Its unmatched integration, performance, speed, and intuition make it the best choice for every video enthusiast worldwide.

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Kigo Movie One is an easy-to-use yet powerful video downloader that is well-crafted to capture movies and shows from Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming services and record videos from social media like YouTube. Equipped with cutting-edge decoding technology, this program can save videos in plain MP4 and MKV format files. HD video quality as well as multi-lingual audio and subtitles can be fully retained during the download process. The fast download speed is another outstanding that Kigo Movie One boasts. With this program, you can watch your favorite videos without an internet connection or subscription at any time, and even store the videos on USB or Google Drive.

Key Features of Kigo Movie One

Support Multiple Video Platforms

Kigo Movie One provides a one-stop solution for video downloading. It currently supports 7 platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, and YouTube, and has been trying to add more video websites. You are not required to use numerous tools if you have memberships of various streaming services and want to download their videos. A Kigo Movie One is enough. Whether you want to download a Netflix video or save a YouTube video, simply return to the main interface and choose another service, saving you great time and effort. Additionally, Kigo Movie One will intelligently identify and filter out the annoying ads, allowing an uninterrupted visual enjoyment of your favorite videos.

Preserve High-Definition Video

Considering the user's desire for high-quality video output, Kigo Movie One applies an advanced download core and is capable of effortlessly preserving up to HD quality without compromising. It allows up to 1080p or 720p on Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming video downloading, and up to 8k on YouTube video recording. On the other hand, you are offered a range of options on video quality, bit rate, and file size, and can choose the parameters based on your disk storage and system performance.

Save Video to Plain Format at a Fast Speed

To facilitate the video transfer to any player or device, Kigo Movie One supports saving videos in the most compatible MP4 and MKV formats. The users will not worry about compatibility while playing the downloaded videos on any device. Besides, Kigo Movie One can proceed with the video download at a surprisingly fast speed. A show or movie is generally in dozens of minutes, but Kigo Movie One runs at 5x faster speed and shortens the download process as much as possible. The users will save a lot of time to download bunches of videos.

Keep Audio and Subtitles in Different Languages

Kigo Movie One definitely ensures an authentic watch experience by providing the feature to keep audio and subtitles in different languages. The source audio and subtitles of the video are fully detected by Kigo Movie One, and you are offered versatile choices to select your preferred audio (including 5.1 audio) and subtitles. This product additionally offers three types of subtitles—Internal, External, and Hardcode subtitles, allowing you to get the most comfortable customization.

Intuitive User Interface Design

Kigo Movie One is designed for everyone, no matter whether you are tech-savvy or know little about computers. This program has an intuitive design and each user is guided with obvious icons and detailed steps. On the other hand, Kigo Movie One is 100% clean and secure. No risks or ads within this program.

Pricing and Compatibility

Kigo Movie One is a shareware program but offers a free trial version. If you are interested in trying it out, simply download the program through KigoSoft's download center. Then install it to estimate its functions and features for free. While using the trial version, you are entitled to download the first 5 minutes of each video. To unlock the full version, please purchase a license at the KigoSoft store. KigoSoft offers two plans—a yearly plan with $99.9 and a lifetime plan with $199.9.

KigoSoft is dedicated to offering you reliable and feature-rich multimedia software. The Kigo Movie One currently is compatible with devices in Windows 7 or above and in macOS 10.15 or later and supports the latest Windows and Mac versions.

About KigoSoft Inc.

KigoSoft is a leading developer of multimedia software, committed to providing innovative solutions for users to enjoy their digital media in the best way possible. With the advancement of technology and business expansion, KigoSoft has released a number of streaming media download tools that are trusted by users. At the same time, with its excellent technology and focus on user satisfaction, KigoSoft has gained recognition as a trusted source for multimedia software.

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